Working on or learning about how to operate a home business can be so over whelming. Overwhelming to the point of giving up. We tend to get so caught up in trying to be productive we become unproductive,

Ever sit down to do some work on the computer for your business and you have no idea where to start? Next thing you know you have moved onto another activity and nothing really got done for the business.

Happens all the time for not just new business owners but for many experienced ones as well.

Here are 3 tips that can help keep that from happening, at least less often, for you.

Tip #1 – So many times we have had great ideas that come to us at non productive times. Like when your ready to turn off your brain for the night an idea pops in and then is lost by the next morning. Maybe during a family or business event but the importance of the event overshadows the thoughts bussing around in your gray matter. With todays technology it is pretty easy to use an app and make a note or jot that idea down on a notepad. so the tip is simply…Keep a note pad close by at all times. If you can use an app on a phone or tablet that is with you 24/7 possibly even better. You don’t need to go into detail on the idea just a note to refer back to it when you have that time scheduled. Setting an alarm to remind you to review those thoughts may be a good “Idea” as well.

Tip #2 – Which leads us to the second tip of using a calendar. Once we have the ideas and a plan of action keeping that plan on track involves keeping a good calendar. Prioritize the daily activities. Block out your work time, family time, community time and review it at least twice a day. As far as your business goes the number one item on your calendar should be the doing that one thing that makes you money. For my re-sellers – Listing Items / for my Marketers producing the content, reaching out, follow ups or maybe getting those emails written. What ever it is it is and if your not sure maybe talk to your coach or mentor. Put that on your calendar as well!

Tip #3
– With all that goes on in our lives. Family, Business, Community Responsibilities we may forget a key piece of our productivity. Rest. A simple thing for most but an easy one to get away from. As you work with different people, coaches, mentors in your business a few may speak of doing what ever it takes to get the job done. in some cases they may be correct. However, mix late evenings followed by early mornings to often and before you know it….you are not at your best for anything let alone business. Set up a schedule. Plan what you are going to do and do it. Then …relax!

BONUS TIP: As far as business goes learn to leverage your systems that are in place. Your only job is to simply drive traffic to your lead magnets or offers. once they get there let the funnels or trainings take over and due the heavy lifting for you. Plug them into the system!

Keep Hustling!

Jeff Beeman
Home Biz Specialist With a Golf Habit

3 Powerful Productivity Tips For Growing A Home Business.

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