With so many opportunities out there giving yourself some checks to mark off before deciding on joining a business can be a money and time saver.

Here are the 3 things I look for before working with an online home Business …

#1) PAY STRUCTURE – I am not a big fan of monthly membership fees. I prefer a one time pay and maybe an annual renewal. I prefer this because It is less stress on a new member to perform every month to cover fees. Hey, life get in the way. It happens.

As a side note to that it also does put you in position to learn learn and develop a business plan that will keep your funnel full.

#2) A business or service needs to integrate with tools I am already using. Many people have already started using tools like Aweber (an email auto-responder) or are driving traffic with a specific strategy. I don’t mind adding on a tool or app here or there as needed but do not ask me to stop using what I know works. Make since?

#3) Last you want a business opportunity that simplifies the process. In other words you need to be able to leverage that system. The only job you need to worry about is driving traffic. They need to do the selling, follow up and customer service. Obviously you will work with a client as much as possible but the heavy lifting needs to fall n the business you are selling for. YO are a contracted affiliate – not an employee.

Hope this helps in your search for a business model that works for you. If you would like to see the business that checks all 3 of these items for us you can do that by clicking ==> HERE!

Thank you for visiting our post and keep hustling!

Jeff Beeman
Home Biz Specialist With a Golf Habit.

3 Things To Check Off Before Saying Yes To Online Home Business Opportunity!

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