Selling on eBay is by far one of the fastest and quite honestly easiest things you can do to earn extra money online.

How to get started? Find items around your home of value and learn how to list with them. You no real cost of goods. You already own it, have used it and are ready to let somebody else get use from it. Simple.

However, before listing that item you are going to want to understand these 3 rules / policies with eBay.


Re Cap:

1) New Seller – When you first start on eBay you will be limited to a certain amount of listings until you establish yourself as a seller. Normally 10 items or a $ Amount. This doesn’t take long and you can even call in to eBay and ask to see if you can have your limits raised. Best to do that after selling a few items.

2) Managed Payments – You will by default be set up on A daily pay out. Payouts only happen after an item has showed up delivered to the customer. Also you will need a bank account to send your money too. I use 2 banks one for personal and one for business but you can use you personal account starting out.

3) Shipping – In that bank account you are going to need a little bit of seed money. Why? When a customer buys your item your money is held up for those days mentioned above. So? Well, somebody has to pay for the shipping up front and then once your payout comes in you are reimbursed for that pay out. Make since?

Keep Hustling!

Jeff Beeman
Re-selling Star Wars Geek With a Golf Habit

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3 Things You Need To Know Before Listing Your First Item On eBay!

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