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So many ways to use Facebook for your business. Most people will use a Facebook business page and Facebook groups for getting content in their niche to their followers.

However another fun way to spread the word and share is categorizing your friends list. This way only the friends you want to see the material will see it.

Aunt Suzie doesn’t want to know how to write a blog post (normally) She just wants to see what you did on vacation or what you are having for supper! Am I Right?


Here are the steps

How To Categorize your Facebook Friends List :
1) Go To Link for friends in left side bar of your Facebook
2) Scroll down to custom lists – Create a new list
3) Next go to your profile page – click on friends
4) Click on 3 dots beside your friends picture / name 5) Add to your new list

What I left off the video ( Bonus for you visiting this blog post) Is how to post to that new category.

A) Go to your News feed and create the post like any other
B) Under your name will be a small box with a drop down – Normally Says Public
C) Click that and scroll till you find you category and click it.
D) Now go and actually Post the content.

Awesome! You are now sending posts to the crowd that actually may be interested to see that content.

Keep Hustling!

Jeff Beeman
PT / Home Biz Consultant With a Golf Habit

How To Catergorize Your Facebook Friends List For Your Home Business

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