Best way to reach an audience? Many still turn to Facebook because that is where the people are.

However as I am learning from our Truth Bomb Marketing Group that just hanging out on social media sites is not the answer to really brand yourself effectively. You have to get down in the trenches and do what your group is doing and then share that material to gain trust and loyalty.

Putting info out on just your news feed or spamming groups just does not work ( #truthbomb ) … I have been fortunate to gain a lot of followers on our eBay Treasure Hunter Group and many of them our also following us on our private training group the Side Hustle Masters Group.

The Side Hustle Masters Group is set up for marketers to take that next step or deep dive into the world of scaling up or marketing their business.

Check this LIVE I recorded talking about what’s new and what’s coming for that group!

In a nutshell:

Want to deliver content consistently to your followers? Build out a group and stay active in it. It’s kind of like having an email list. If they don’t want the info your providing they can leave.

Warning Will Robinson – Danger – Danger! Issue with group marketing – you really don’t own it. Facebook could shut you down or if you abandon the group you can’t take the followers with you. You have to start over form scratch. So… it is still important to develop that email list – Then it is truly your business.

Also doing short LIVES can give you content to share across your marketing channels. IE: I created in the group and have posted it to YouTube and now to this blog post. Cool right!

Alright – Enjoy the video and we will see you here again soon! Lots of cool things coming for Blogging as well. Excited to be creating new content for our re-sell small business adventures!

Jeff Beeman
Re-sell Marketing Star Wars Geek With a Golf Habit

PS … Ready to step up your marketing skills and work yourself into a self sustaining consistent selling machine? Join the Truth Bomb Marketing Group before it disappears!

Leveraging Your Facebook Groups with Live Video!

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