One of the biggest issues re-sellers or eCommerce sellers run into is figuring out shipping costs. Miscalculating shipping can eat into your profits big time and really demoralize you as a business owner.

IE: I just sold a beautiful new set of golf clubs but they went to a higher shipping cost area of the country and …..Ahh crud!

Don’t Let That Happen To you!

Shipping is a learning curve we all have to go through. The different companies we use like USPS, Fed Ex and UPS to name the big three, along with several other 3rd party shippers and all of the rules / policies they use,

For most eBay re-sellers smaller scale items are the norm and using USPS First Class Shipping or Priority shipping is the preferred options. When we sell heavier or larger size packages typically Fed Ex wins for pricing but we still have to watch the pennies.

Shipping tip – Weight doesn’t hurt as much as size. USPS max for Priority is 70 LBS. In the flat rate boxes – if it fits it ships (with out overstuffing the box) . Going to use a non flat rate box on priority? Box size is the most common mistake – Measure out the box you intend to use and then us the calculator to decide if it needs to go priority or Fed Ex. I use Fed Ex for all of my Golf Bags. Golf clubs, although heavier, I use Priority mail tube boxes.

Catch the video below for using the eBay Shipping Calculator and save yourself self some money and a big headache!


Once you are in your listing and get down to the shipping area, make sure to have your weight and box size ready to go. Hit the Blue Calculated Shipping link and fill in the appropriate fields. Scroll down a bit for Priority shipping or look for the shipping style or company you need.

Pretty quick and easy once you get comfortable with it. Plus the benefit of knowing you are charging correctly for your item and not leaving yourself in a bind for shipping costs.

Hope this has been helpful. Make sure to book mark us so you can find your way back for more fun and more profits!

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Re-Selling Star Wars Geek With A Golf Habit

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Using A Shipping Calculator on eBay To Increase Profits.

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